Aug 262014
Honey and Mixed Fruit Smoothie

We have said it before and it bears repeating; Smoothies are a great way to provide the after school crowd a healthier and more nutritious treat than the usual pre-packaged fair. Even if your kids are at the age where everything has to be sweet this Honey and mixed fruit smoothie recipe has your back. [...]

Jul 292014
Banana Nutrition Facts

Why are bananas getting a bad rap? What are the real banana nutrition facts? Certainly part of the problem is a number of media stories have left doubt in some folks minds. Just one example is a January 2014 article by Jacque Wilson posted by CNN Health with the provocative title “Are bananas bad for [...]

Jul 272014
Weight Loss Tips-and Smoothies!

Of all the common challenges most people tackle, losing weight seems to be one of the largest. This is evident by how many different diet products are advertised on television alone. Add that advertising to the thousands and thousands of internet sites focusing on weight loss tips and you will come up with an impressively [...]

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