Oct 092014
Twelve Veggies WebMD Thinks You Should be Eating

If you are healthy conscious at all there is no doubt that you have run across WebMD in the course of your online searches. This is a mega-site by any definition and offers health advice on every conceivable facet of human existence. Here, they offer twelve veggies that, in their opinion, should be in everyone’s [...]

Oct 022014
Orange and Kale Smoothie

It doesn’t matter the time of year, we need our vitamins all the time. So, even though fall is in the air, don’t pack the blender away; keep it on hand and keep mixing up healthy and vitamin packed smoothies like the Orange and Kale smoothie here. In your favorite blender mix: 1 Orange, without [...]

Sep 082014
Yogurt Fruit Smoothie

Yogurt is a perfect smoothie ingredient because it goes with just about everything else. Other than your personal taste, it really doesn’t matter what king of yogurt you choose for your next yogurt fruit smoothie because all are good. Lately it seems like most smoothie recipes (including ours) recommend using Greek Yogurt over regular but, [...]

Aug 262014
Honey and Mixed Fruit Smoothie

We have said it before and it bears repeating; Smoothies are a great way to provide the after school crowd a healthier and more nutritious treat than the usual pre-packaged fair. Even if your kids are at the age where everything has to be sweet this Honey and mixed fruit smoothie recipe has your back. [...]