Jul 022014
Building a Vegetarian Diet

Many people are under the impression that a vegetarian diet is an incomplete diet in terms of nutrition. While it is true that meats are not featured the important nutrients found in meats can also be found in many non-meat food items. Below are some pointers on how to craft a vegetarian diet that is [...]

Jun 182014
Cilantro Smoothie

Why a Cilantro smoothie anyway you might ask? Well, first, because cilantro is really good and really healthy and, secondly, a cilantro smoothie is pretty unusual and that makes it really fun! One more reason is that cilantro is available fresh in the stores all year and fresh is always good. One note of caution [...]

Jun 122014
Antioxidants and Free Radicals

By Barry R Parker Antioxidants (molecules that inhibit oxidation) play a central role in the body. They are, in fact, critical for life. Without them the cells in your body would soon be damaged beyond repair. A cell can be damaged, or mutated, in several ways. Mutations usually occur when defects are created in DNA, [...]

Jun 102014
Avocado Chocolate Smoothie

Of course, there are any number of chocolate smoothies and an equally large number of smoothies using Avocado but this combined avocado chocolate smoothie recipe is a bit unique. Honestly, it isn’t often that avocados and chocolate are mixed in anything! As you can tell from the ingredients, this isn’t really a low calorie smoothie. [...]