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If you have been diagnosed with a higher than normal cholesterol level you really don’t have any other option but to take steps to lower it as quickly as possible. By ignoring high cholesterol you are, quite literally, taking your life into your hands by vastly increasing your risk of heart disease, stroke, and hypertension. That leaves the question of what is the best way to lower cholesterol?

Depending on how high your cholesterol levels are, it might be necessary to begin taking medication. Or, for less serious cholesterol levels, changes in your diet along with some targeted supplements might do the job. But regardless of how high your cholesterol is, bringing it down will undoubtedly take some changes in your diet and lifestyle.

Here are some common sense steps you can take immediately to being to bring your cholesterol levels under control:

Increase the amount of fruits and vegetables in your diet. Every nutritional study in the last 20 years says that we do not have enough fruits or vegetables in our diets. By adding the recommended 5 servings daily, you will get a lot more fiber and zero cholesterol. Tip: smoothies are a wonderful way to get fruit and veggies in your diet.

Fiber is good for you. In addition to fruits and vegetables, some other foods high in healthy fiber are oatmeal, beans, and whole grains like barley, wheat, and Chia Omega-3 fatty acid. There is now an established body of scientific research proving that omega-3 fatty acids are wonderful at reducing cholesterol levels. Omega-3 fatty acids are traditionally found in seafood such as salmon. However, many are concerned with seafood contamination or have chosen a vegetarian lifestyle. For these individuals, omega-3 can be found in fish oil capsules or from botanical sources such as Chia seed.

Cut back on Red Meat. The average American’s diet has way too much red meat in it but it is probably not realistic to think that we are all going to forego meat in our diets. But, it will help a lot too chose the leanest cuts and then grill (or broil) them. Broiling and grilling will help reduce the amount of fat in the meat and will still taste great.

Even if you are on cholesterol lowering medication, following these simple steps will help you control your cholesterol and provide a healthier lifestyle at the same time.

Numerous studies have shown that “Salva Hispanica,” better known as “Chia seed“, is an important botanical source of omega-3 fatty acids and dietary fiber both of which are very important in lowering cholesterol levels.  

Not sure where to get started? Spend a few minutes with this video for a couple of absurdly simple Chia recipes.

Best Way To Lower Cholesterol


Sep 262013

Outside of the fact that they taste good, what are the reasons behind the experts telling us that we need five servings a day of fruits and vegetables?

Here are a few of the reasons as described by USDA:
* Fruit is naturally rich in potassium, dietary fiber, vitamin C, and folic acid.
* Diets with food containing dietary fiber may well reduce the risk of coronary heart disease.
* Other suspected benefits derived from eating fruits include:
-Reduced risk for stroke
-Reduced risk for type 2 diabetes
-Reduced risk for certain cancers including mouth, stomach and colon-rectal
-Reduced risk of kidney stones

To get the most benefits out of the fruit you add to your diet, consider these tips:

* Choose whole or pre-cut fruit instead of juice to retain the benefits of dietary fiber
* Put fruits high in potassium high on your list. These include bananas, honeydew melons, orange juice and prunes
* If you are using canned fruit use the fruits canned with 100% fruit juice or water and not syrup.
* Mix up your choices. Different fruits have different nutrient contents and you will not get bored!

Traditionally, most fruit is eaten at breakfast which puts all that good nutrition into you body at the beginning of the day. Most top cereal with bananas or strawberries and drink a glass of orange or grapefruit juice.

There is not a thing wrong with this approach because some fruit is certainly better than no fruit at all.

But, instead of cereal and juice, how about starting your day with a fruit smoothie recipe loaded with fruit nutrition and amazing taste?

This smoothie mix adds a lot of healthy vitamins and minerals to your morning meal. Also, you might well find that this really interesting mix of fruits and vegetables to be an answer for a healthy way to begin a diet as fruit smoothie recipes work well with diets focused on healthy snack recipes, healthy snack ideas, and effective and healthy ways to lose weight.
In your smoothie blender mix:

* 2 red delicious apples (cored and seeded) With or without skin-your choice.
* 1/2 cup of raspberries (fresh is best, or frozen)
* 1/2 cup of strawberries (fresh is best, or frozen)
* 1 cup of small cherry tomatoes
* 1 red or yellow bell pepper (seeded ) cut in chunks
* 1 cup of chilled/cold V8 V-Lite
* 1 Tablespoon of Chia seed

This recipe will serve 3-4 people and they will rave about the rich combination of flavors. Serve in chilled glasses and enjoy!

Benefits Of Fruits and Vegetables

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Here is a very true statement: “Any Exercise is better than no exercise at all.”  By now we should all know that a habit of regular exercise most days of the week is very good for us and not exercising is not good at all.

Now another study has been published that strongly suggests that it isn’t just the amount of time we spend sitting around that has an influence on health but also so does the number of times we get up throughout the day.

The authors of this newest study focused on how much time the subjects of the study spent just sitting down, along with the number of times they got up in a given amount of time. Also studied were various heart and metabolic disease indicators.

The conclusions are that sitting for long periods tends to worsen the indicators of potential heart and metabolic disorders. These indications includes larger waist sizes, reduced amounts of HDL (good) cholesterol, and increased amounts of a recognized inflammation marker protein, C-Reactive, and more triglycerides in the blood.

Since so many of us spend days sitting behind desks, this is disturbing news. But there is some good news as well.

Any Exercise Is Better Than None

Another finding is that the more breaks during the day, the better. In other words, even if you spend a lot of time sitting, the more times you get up during the day helps lower both your waist size and the inflammation marker protein.

Of these two, it is waist size that is the best indicator of potential health problems. The National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute has established that “high risk” waist sizes begin at 40 inches for men and 35 inches for women. So the more we do to reduce our waist sizes below these danger marks, the better off we are.

The final conclusions of this study are that even small changes in your behavior and daily movements can, over time, make a real difference. Behaviors like standing to read a report, or take a phone call all help. Other simple behavior changes that are easy to make include walking to see someone on the next floor, parking towards the back of the lot, and walking the stairs instead of taking the elevator or escalator.

In the end, if your job requires long periods of sitting then it is important to take regular, short, breaks during the day where you move about physically. All physical effort helps protect the cardiovascular system.

A healthy lifestyle depends on a healthy diet. Learn how to make small adjustments to what you eat everyday; you can enjoy a wide variety of fruits and vegetables with a breakfast smoothie, and just one small change like that can help you build a healthier lifestyle! Not only are smoothies delicious, often low in calories, but rich with antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and omega 3s we need for healthy living everyday.

Free Smoothie Recipes from Best Fruit Smoothies


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Increase Heart Rate and Decrease Weight!
It is a given that losing weight requires the body to consume more calories than you feed it. Without this negative balance the normally healthy body is simply unable to lose weight.

At the core, this is the reason for beginning, and maintaining, an exercise routine. Yes, there are additional benefits that exercise provides such as improved hearth health and reduced stress but the burning of calories is the reason most of us exercise.

But the key to a successful workout is your heart rate. In a sense, this is the body’s speedometer. To get the most out of any aerobic workout it is necessary to elevate your heart rate and keep it there for as long as you can.

Without question this is difficult. To increase heart rate above normal you will need to push yourself past a normal comfort zone. This means concentrating on what you’re doing so there won’t be any reading magazines or watching TV.

It is also very important to check with your doctor or health provider if you have any health issues that might be harmful. And here is a tip: when you have this conversation be specific on what your plans are, don’t just say you are planning on working out.

Your current level of activity is also important. If you are not now active it is definitely better to start slow and work your way into an exercise program gradually to prevent injury.

A quick search online will reveal any number of workouts that have been developed to burn maximum calories in a short period of time. Virtually all of these exercises combine a number of activities such as squatting, push ups, jumps, running, and lifting weights to work several areas of the body during the exercise period. All also include rest and recovery periods of varying lengths and it is important not to short change or extend these periods.

Many other activities will also burn calories at an elevated rate. These include swimming, running, cross country skiing, basketball, jumping rope, spinning, and energetic dancing.

Just how many calories you will burn depends on your fitness level, weight, and how much intensity you put into each exercise.

Any exercise program needs a healthy diet complete with fruits, vegetables, and cholesterol lowering omega-3 fatty acids.

Best Fruit Smoothies offers hundreds of free fruit and vegetable smoothie recipes, many with Chia seed, that adds cholesterol lowering omega 3 fatty acids to your daily diet, all which are so important to maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Increase Heart Rate Decrease Weight

Sep 192013

Healthy weight control depends upon a steady approach to healthy eating. Once you make your mind up to throw away the cardboard box diet plans and yo-yo diets, you can, with some simple planning, create for yourself healthy meal plans that are both satisfying and very nutritious too.

Food shopping is often one of the biggest and best game-changers. Plan meals that are healthy, and stock up on fruits and vegetables that you can use for delicious healthy smoothies. Smoothies can be one of the best ways to combine good fats, proteins and healthy fiber to fight the hunger pains so many of us feel when we first start diet shifts. Smoothies are also a way to add vitamins, minerals and antioxidants in a natural way. Not only do you want to lose weight-but healthy smoothies can help you control weight which is also the key for healthy living.

Choosing the right ingredients to buy, includes looking for natural food sources too. Most people are aware of the need to add omega 3s to our foods to get the “good fats” our bodies need, but popping big orange-colored pills is not always the best way to add fish oil to our daily health.

You may however, have heard about the benefits of Chia seed.  Up to now the Chia Herb has been known only as the seed used in the “Chia Pet” novelty figurines to grow the “hair” or “fur”. But Chia has a very long and distinguished history as a primary staple food crop used by the Indians of Mexico, the American Southwest, and Central America because of its outstanding nutrient content.

Botanically, the Chia herb plant (Salba Hispanica) is a member of the mint family and is native to an area from South and Central America as far North as the Mojave Desert in the American Southwest.In the last few years the Chia seed is very quickly becoming recognized as effective a source of both omega-3 and omega-6 cholesterol lowering fatty acids, as the other available sources such as flax seed and oil, or fish oil capsules.

In fact, Chia seed offers the highest concentration of omega-3, and in the right ratio to omega-6 (3:1), than any other botanical source and is also rich in other nutritional values as well

Other Chia seed benefits include:
- Calcium: Chia contains over 600 mg of calcium per 100 grams of seed which is about five times the amount found in whole milk.
- Very low Sodium: Chia Seed contains only about 19 mg of sodium per 100 grams of seed.
-Chia is “Hydrophilic”:T his means that Chia will absorb many times its own weight in water. This property prolongs hydration which helps the body regulate its absorbing of nutrients more efficiently. A side benefit is that this water absorption ability will leave you feeling “full” much longer.
-Antioxidants: Chia is a natural source of antioxidants which have been shown to promote overall good health and may also aid in preventing heart disease and some cancers.

Because of its high content of dietary fiber, Chia also works very well as part of a natural detox program.

Chia can be found both in health stores and online. You can order Chia directly from Amazon by clicking on this link.

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